Episode 6: Thou Shalt Always Podcast

December 29, 2017

10 Years after the release of their awesome track "Thou Shalt Always Kill", Scroobius Pip and Dan Le Sac released an instrumental version for their fans to monkey around with.  So we have hidden the final clue that will lead you to the treasure within our version, "Thou Shalt Always Podcast"...

Episode 5: The Winner Takes It All

December 16, 2017


In this episode, Paul talks to his friend Ian about the experience of appearing on, and losing, ITVs The Chase, plus that all important 5th clue...

Episode 4: Cheese Knife

September 11, 2017

In this episode, Paul auditions for a part in a new Midsomer Murders-style show.  Not Midsomer Murders.  A Midsomer Murders-style show. We also reveal the location of our fourth clue...


Episode 3: It Is What It Is

September 11, 2017

no_social_shutterstock_277347377.jpgIn this episode, Paul tests your patience as he gets unashamedly self-indulgent.  Just keep thinking of the money... clue 3 is in there somewhere.


Episode 2: Dragons

July 26, 2017


In this episode, Paul attempts to sell the Buried Treasure concept to the Dragons in "Dragon's Den". Will he get his £1million investment? Listen very carefully for your 2nd clue...

Episode 1: Dig

June 6, 2017


Spring has sprung, and so almost a year on from burying £100 in cash in the ground somewhere in the UK, the first episode of Buried Treasure finally emerges. Hear what happened when we buried the money and get that first all important clue...